TAMMP President meets with TX Film Commissioner

Heather-Page-and-Sher-CUPresident of the Texas Association of Motion Media Professionals, Sher LaDieu, met with Heather Page, the Director of the Texas Film Commission, in her office in Austin.

In an hour-plus discussion the 2 covered many topics, chief among them, tax incentives. Texas appropriation for film production fell from up to $95M to $32M in the last legislative session. The team at the Film Commission is working diligently, gathering data and supplying information to regain the magnetic incentives, the availability of which can be a defining factor on where production locates among major film and TV production decision makers. Texas is competing with many other states and Canada to bring in production and build its production industry, which translates into jobs and positive economic impact.

Page says, “In Texas our return on investment from the program bares proof of undeniable success in the spending and hiring that takes place in our communities. The availability of a rebate also has focused the industry on Texas and increased its desire to relocate here.”

Even so, there are TV and film productions happening in the state, and commercial productions companies are shooting in a steady flow.

The film office rebooted its Film Friendly Program, which is a training program to welcome and accommodate film production for small towns, and so far 95 have already participated and been certified.

The Commission’s latest initiative to grow film tourism, The Texas Film Trails, has kicked off with the first tour, The Richard Linklater Trail, with two more in the works by the new year.

LaDieu says, “Heather was very enthusiastic about the rebranding of TAMMP!”, once named the TAF/TP, “She especially likes our new logo and website. We have a unique, concise and easy to use site, because it allows search-by-region and category, of crew and vendors. Our Directory saves time and stress, both of which are priceless commodities.”

Both agreed that by joining forces around the state, it will draw more confidence in key players ready to shoot their project. Page has invited LaDieu to be a part of round table discussions and stakeholder meetings that will take place this fall, in Austin.

Texas is ready, and TAMMP is listed and loaded with great production talent.

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