How do I join?

Start Your Membership

Follow the prompts and fill out all fields. You will set your own user name and password. This will allow you to edit your profile 24/ 7. Choose one of 4 levels of membership. You can pay on line with any of 4 credit cards. All credit card payments go through Pay Pal. You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay on line.

How do I get listed if I pay with a check or money order?

TAMMP loves checks and money orders because no fees are deducted.

Once a check or money order is mailed to TAMMP at 9629 Carnegie Dr. Dallas TX 75228, it is photo copied and attached to your membership file.

You must include a valid E- Mail address with your payment. You will be able to log into the site immediately, but you will not be able to view the membership area until your check has been received. Once your check is received, the admin will activate your online membership and send you a confirmation email.

How do I add my ad for my Gold or Platinum membership?

You must send all your artwork for these two membership levels to: Memberships at these two levels must done by the administration. The Gold size: 300 x 250. The Platinum size: 500 x 100.

Featured Crews

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How do I edit or update my listing?

Located at the top right side of the navigation menu, click on “My Profile”.
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As you are viewing your profile you will notice a little gear icon to the right of your company image. Click on this icon and select, “Edit Profile”.


After making the changes to your profile, be sure to scroll down the page until you see a blue button labeled “Update Profile”.

Save profile

Bio/Credits section is only available for Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

This video tutorial on updating your profile is also available if you prefer.

Is my membership TAX DEDUCTIBLE?

YES! Your membership is tax deductible under PROFESSIONAL DUES.

How do I get rates?

Rates are an individual and often negotiable amount. Please contact the member(s) you need for your crew and they will work directly with you.

Is there a way to hire a crew with only one call?

Yes. By calling a Producer, this person can hire a crew for you, based on your needs. A Production Manager, or Production Coordinator is also qualified to help crew your shoot.

Are there tax incentives in Texas?

Yes. Please go to the Texas Film Commission website for more information

I need to shoot a video, how do I get started?

Please see our blog posting titled, “I need a video but never shot one“.

Do you offer a panel of experts that can speak at my event?

Yes. Please contact our Admin with your needs, location and date, and we can coordinate a panel for you, based on availability.

What is the criteria for membership?

You must be a resident of Texas, or qualified to do business in the state of Texas.

Do I have to be in a union to join?

No, we accept both, union and non-union members.

Am I required to attend meetings?

No; we ask that you consider joining us for meetings and events, but it is not required.

How do I create my digital ad?

You will need to contact a graphic artist. We have members in this category and here is a great place to start.

May I pay for my ad in incremental payments?

Yes. 2 @ $250 for the Gold level, and 4 @ $250 for the Platinum level

May I pay dues for more than one year?

Yes. Please contact our Admin with your intentions.

I have an activity for TAMMP to consider.

Wonderful! We would enjoy to hear your thoughts. Please send an email to, with the details.