DOT & FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

FAA has delivered on their promise to finalize the rules for small unmanned aircraft with implementation in late August. The new rule will offer safety regulations for unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 lbs. that are conducting non-hobbyist operations. With the rule change, early estimates are showing an $82 billion dollar bump to the US economy and create 100,000 new jobs over the next
10 years.

The long waits for the FAA to review and process individual section 333 exemptions are a thing of the past. There is a new Remote Pilot Certificate that has replaced the standard pilot’s license requirement. This change has streamlined the process for an entity to satisfy the federal aviation regulations. Our risk selection will directly reflect these changes for the UAV-Protect program. The result is a broader scope of risk appetite for our competitive and comprehensive UAS coverage options.

See FAA Press Release Here

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