2017 Amarillo Tax Seminar

How to deduct home office expenses into methods allowed by IRS
The IRS guidelines for business travel
What documentation is required by the IRS to claim business entertainment deductions
Other valuable information you need to know to meet IRS requirements, and much more

Catrina M. Craft

About the speaker!!!
Catrina M. Craft, CEO of Craft Entertainment CFO, Specializes in financial business management and personalized accounting/tax services for the entertainment industry. Catrina’s treasure of the Dallas producers Association and the treasurer of the women in film Dallas. She acts as the CPA for the Texas Association of motion media professionals and her client list ranges from crew to multi-million dollar companies and celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Complementary tax savings consultations!!!
Catrina will offer to “free” 20 minutes complementary tax savings consultations: value $500 each. You will leave the consultation with one strategy that could save you  $1,000’s of dollars in taxes each year. The one on one consultations will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 10 AM and 11 AM for the first two individuals that meet the following requirements:
*Three years in business and
*Annual billing of 200,000 dollars+

Tickets prices for admittance are as follows:
TAMMP members get in FREE
Students:  $35.00
Actors / Talent  $50.00
Crew and Vendors  $75.00  (includes a 1 year membership on the TAMMP website.)

To request your consultation, email your contact information to Catrina@cmcraft.com.